Aircraft Maintenance & Management

Aircraft management that maximizes your return on investment whether your aircraft is a personal or business investment (or a combination) you want to rely on an aircraft management company that will protect and maximize that investment. Foresee Aviation highly regarded aircraft management reputation has been earned from years of listening to customer needs and providing expert management and liaison between you and the aviation industry.

Foresee Aviation specializes in servicing high performance Bombardier, Beechcraft, Cessna aircraft types (or similar). Should you choose, you can create a revenue stream from your aircraft by making it available for charter. Your aircraft becomes part of the fleet we can offer to clients. With an expansive client base, this represents a huge opportunity for you to bring in revenue.

Owning an aircraft is one thing, but hiring staff, coordinating logistics and managing crew is a specialized area that most busy people don’t have time for. Foresee Aviation management takes care of every aspect for you - which means owning an aircraft remains a pleasurable pursuit or income stream rather than a source of stress. Aircraft management services include:

  • Administration, financial and legal
  • Meeting aviation legislation requirements
  • Maintenance & technical supervision
  • Airworthiness management
  • DGCA liaison
  • Availability of experienced flight crew & aircraft engineers etc

Please contact us if you are thinking of purchasing an aircraft. One of our consultants can talk you through any questions regarding aircraft management, from legal requirements through to administration and maintenance

To know more about us, please email on or call us on +91-9711765512 / 9910493247

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