TIGER – Beautiful,deadly and endangered. Tiger is the largest cat and is an    apex predator thus comes at the top of food chain.The population of tiger has declined by 93% over past 100 years. Three out of 9 species of tiger have become extinct and the remaining six are endangered.They are always at risk due to hunting or destruction of natural habitat and thus isthe food   chain.

India is a home for 70% tiger in the world. There are 50 tiger reserves in India, which are governed by PROJECT TIGER and is administrated by National tiger conservation authority.The income generated by 6 famous tiger reserves amounts to 8.3-17.6 billion  annually.

Since India has 70% of total population of tiger in the world thus wild life enthusiasts and tourists from all over the world visit the famous tiger reserves every year in great numbers.Since these reserve are away from dense populated areas thus reaching there isn’t easy and especially when each day counts to site a Tiger.

CHARTER AIRCRAFT has been landing at unmanned airfield, and small airport nearest to these famous tiger reserves. Thus chartered flights helps to save travel time for wild life enthusiast and make their trip more   adventurous.

We at Foresee Aviation Pvt ltd specialize in handling charters to all these tiger reserves; we understand how important each and every day is when it comes to get a glimpse of this beautifully vertical patterned wild cat, THE Tiger. We take care of each and every detail to ensure safety and seamless   operation.

Few airstrips are quite short thus only turbo propellers can land there wherein jet aircraft lands in Umaria and Birwa with up to 4-6   passengers.

Before having thrilling experience of jungle chartered flight to these unmanned airstrip is surely an experience to  remember.

Being there in General Aviation since start of my career and experiencing landing and take off on almost all private aircraft, so far landing and take off from Ranthambore, Umaria and Birwa is the terrific experience I ever   had.

Tiger reserves, which are maximum visited and nearest airfield/airport, are:    –

Tiger Reserve                        State                  Landing airstrip/Airport
Ranthambore Tiger reserve  



Adarsh  Nagar airstrip,Ranthambore

Corbett Tiger reserve Uttarakhand Pantnagar Airport

Kanha Tiger reserve

Madhya Pradesh  


Bandhavgarh Tiger reserve Madhya Pradesh  


Kaziranga Tiger reserve Assam Jorhat
Periyar Tiger Reserve Kerala Cochin
Bandipur Karnataka Mysore

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