How important it is to choose the right company to hire a chartered aircraft

The use of chartered aircraft has increased over last 10 years and so is the number of companies providing chartered aircraft. Often people consider parameters, which are least important while making a decision of hiring private aircraft, and thus end up opting for wrong aircraft and wrong companies.

General Aviation as we all know is not organized and so are the providers for these services. Commitment is a word, which is misunderstood by the client as well as vendor. Since it’s not properly understood by the client thus the client is bluffed in various ways while providing chartered aircraft service. Commitment simply means that if due to any technical reason the committed machine can’t be flown then an equally comfortable or better machine (if available) will be provided in its place for seamless operation.

Its just one of the point I have highlighted, there are number of such points which are often ignored and the only factor which is considered while hiring an aircraft is the COST. I have dealt with so many clients in last 10 years of my carrier in General aviation, the mistake done by almost all while finalizing an aircraft is prioritizing costing above all the factors. I agree costing is the important factor to be considered but it shouldn’t be the ONLY factor, in fact it should come after checking the details of an aircraft, company you are dealing with, doing referral check if required.

The purpose for chartering an aircraft is various. Leisure Charter, business Charter, VIP Charter, Group Charter, medical Evacuation ….All these Charters are different and so is their requirement. Thus all of them are different when it comes to aircraft, on board arrangements, budget etc. Hence not to spoil the overall experience of charter of any nature one must understand it completely before offering any aircraft. Very few people understand it and provide the right aircraft to the customer.

We at Foresee Aviation Pvt. Ltd are trying to make a difference in overall approach when it comes to hire an aircraft. We are definitely here to do business but not at the cost of cheating customers.

We genuinely want customers to understand all factors associated with hiring a private plane. They need to understand the importance of safety, which is sometimes compromised for few thousands. One should pay more attention to safety and the aircraft before considering the cost associated.

There are companies who are ready to risk life of guests for money. They have broken rules; met with accidents (where pilot and guests have died): provided old aircraft : use all unethical ways to get business ,still they are preferred just because they offer low pricing. Therefore it is very important to choose the company you are dealing with wisely and educate yourself to a level where you are not cheated for services promised.

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