Bulk Hour

Foresee Aviation offers pre-purchased block time programs that can be tailored to your specific travel requirements. These programs allow clients to purchase a pre-determined amount of hours on our private aircraft at a substantial savings. Purchasing bulk hour gives you access to corporate jets at costs that are relatively reasonable. Typically, you pay by the hour, but you purchase those private jet flight hours in bulk. In other words, you can buy prepaid blocks of travel and use them when you need them. With purchase of bulk hour, you don't own part of a specific plane but access a pool of planes that are chartered.

With Personalized Block Time Agreements, you gain the consistency, convenience, access and time advantages of aircraft ownership without the financial burden, time commitment or associated liability. With our worldwide service you can be sure all your air charter flights will be handled by true professionals. With access to over 35 aircraft and all jet types Foresee Aviation can offer you the right private jet for all your jet charter flights.

Bulk Flight Hours

Our Bulk Flight Hour program gives you significant discounts off our normal charter rates by pre-purchasing flight time to be used in the future.

  • Bulk Flight Hours are offered in 25, 50 and 100 hour.
  • Discounts are based on number of hours purchased.
  • Contact our office for complete program details and benefits

Bulk Trips

If you have an established route you or your company travels on a regular basis, our bulk trip purchase may be the right option for you. With our Bulk trip program, you pre-purchase a set number of trips along a specified route at a significant discount, to be used in the future.

  • This is a great option if you really need to stick to a set budget.
  • Contact our office to discuss your specific trip needs.


  • No monthly management, acquisition or membership fee
  • No long-term contractual commitments
  • Personal travel consultant
  • Free upgrades when available
  • Use of multiple aircraft

To know more about us, please email on queries@foreseeaviation.com or call us on +91-9711765512 / 9910493247

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