What are the advantages of travelling in private charter Aircraft?
Charter is about saving you time and, often, money on your business trips. Safety, security, convenience and productivity are key reasons why individuals and companies choose charter air travel. Charter is the convenience of traveling on your schedule rather than the airlines’ schedule and flying to airports closer to your final ground destination. Best of all, charter is having complete control over your travel environment, while enjoying the comfort, safety and security of a private aircraft.

How well is my safety assured?
Safety is of paramount importance to us and we make sure we check the aircraft for all safety aspects before you board the aircraft.

Can I carry luggage like the way I do on commercial Aircraft?
Luggage limitation is there for charter aircraft as well, it varies for light, midsize, heavy jets and turbo propeller respectively. Please let us know the amount of luggage to be carried and we would suggest the aircraft accordingly.

Is a twin-engine Aircraft safer than a single-engine Aircraft?
General aviation accident statistics are consistent in showing flying to be safer in single engine as it is in twin engine aircraft. The statistics show that occupants are more likely to survive an engine failure (which situation is twice as likely in a twin) if it is the only engine. Convinced by these safety statistics, the FAA has allowed single engine commercial IFR flights since 1995. The evidence accumulated since then shows that single engine turbines are the safest of all general aviation aircraft types.

Is chartering an aircraft expensive?
If you can obtain a discounted ticket on a regional or domestic airline it will almost always be more cost effective. Aircraft charter is about convenience, going to the locations you need at the times you want.

Can we charter an aircraft one-way?
Absolutely, however the aircraft needs to return to its base and you will effectively pay for the flight for both way.

How much notice do I need to book a charter?
We can organize a charter in as little as 2-3 hour notice. However defense and naval airport require a notice of 2 & 7 working days for foreigners respectively.

Does the cost change with the number of people on the flight?
The cost of the charter is based on the size of the aircraft being used - irrespective of the number of passengers carried.

Are there additional charges after the trip is completed?
Typically you will received a fixed price quote up front unless you elect to to pay on actual flying time on the basis of log book, in which case an estimate would be provided. Should you change your travel plans (times, destinations) while we are performing the charter additional charges may apply.

What is your cancelation policy?
Cancelation policies will vary per-trip basis and also by aircraft. All cancelation policy info will be made clear to you before you confirm your trip.

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