Why Us

"Quality is not an act, it is a habit." -Aristotle


First and foremost to us is your safety and security. We understand that in order to enjoy your flight, you must be confident that every precaution has been taken to assure your well-being.

  • We ensure that the aircraft is maintained to the highest standard of safety and comfort.
  • Pilot certification and credentials, maintenance records, interior and exterior aesthetics are among the many factors that are strictly monitored and reviewed.
  • With our exemplary safety record, our high-profile clients entrust their safety into our reliable hands.


With years of experience in the service and aviation industry, our enthusiasm and knowledge are dedicated to just one aim: delivering perfect results.

  • 24x7x365 days support.
  • We provide authentic and reliable information
  • We have successful track record of organizing and handling charter flights
  • Over a Decade Experience in General Aviation, serving some of the Top Clients.


Air charter allows you to fly point to point, depart and arrive at your own schedule, conduct private meetings on board or relax if you please.

  • We enable our client to choose any type of Aircraft whether it is a Turbo Prop, a Business Jet or a Helicopter.
  • To visit 2-3 destinations in a single day.
  • Flexible schedule means that if our Client is busy post the scheduled time, our Crew and Aircraft will still wait.

Competitive Rates

Our dedication to value motivates us to implement some of the most competitive pricing in the industry.

  • We offer the industry's most competitive aircraft charter rates without compromising on the luxury quality, exceptional customer service and high safety standards demanded by our clients.
  • Gives you the freedom to choose the city you wish to charter the aircraft from thereby giving you considerable saving in Costs


We provide the expertise and attention to detail to ensure that you receive the finest service.

  • We provide our Client with a personal Accounts Manager to plan every single detail of your trip.
  • We sends you the complete itinerary along with crew details and airports information well in-advance
  • Meal and beverage are arranged in the aircraft of your choice.

To know more about us, please email on queries@foreseeaviation.com or call us on +91-9711765512 / 9910493247

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